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5 Sustainable resolutions to try this year.

It’s a new year and it’s also time to make a big difference in the world!
With this practical and easy tips you will have your greenest year so far.
Keep in mind that all minor changes in our lifestyles can make a GIANT difference in the wellbeing of the planet and in ourselves too.
There is no right or wrong, if we give the best of us to make this fragile planet a kinder and greener place is all what matters.

1. Declutter your life (starting with your closet)

Most probably in the last years you have collected enormous amounts of stuff that don’t fit you anymore, need to be replaced or you don’t even remember that you have it in first place.
If you want to make room for the future, you need to get rid of the past.
Tidying up your physical space also helps to clear your mind and spirit.

I really like how Marie Kondo, the expert in decluttering, takes this concept to another level.
Here is a short summary of her method:

  • Put your hands on everything you own, ask yourself if it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, thank it for its service and get rid of it.
  • Once only your most joy-giving belongings remain, put every item in a place where it’s visible, accessible, and easy to grab and then put back.

As you begin to detach from material possessions and place more importance on experiences rather than things, you will sense a feeling of lightness and freedom, which can become addictive.
Just make sure that when buying new things for the new you, you buy thrift or buy from environmentally conscious sellers.

2. Cook more at home.

Cooking at home is healthier and cheaper than going out to restaurants, ordering take away, or buying frozen dinners.
Make it fun!, invite some of your closest pals to try together new recipes. Get creative and discover a new world of taste and colors.
When doing the grocery shopping, opt Local, Organic and package free.
Moreover, when it comes to meat and dairy products, try to reduce them as much as possible from your diet. Even just reducing the amount of animal products you consume can have a huge impact in your carbon footprint.

3. DIY – do it yourself.

Instead of spending countless hours in internet, why don’t you give it a try to learn how to make something at home, such as body creams, toothpaste, deodorant or shampoo?
Not only will you feel accomplished having created something of your own, but you will minimize on package waste, not to mention it will also end up saving you money.

4. Practice Kindness.

In any given moment, the kindness you offer to yourself or to others affects what happens in the very next moment.
By practicing kindness you will improve your overall state of mind and sense of happiness. 
Additionally, you will see with different eyes things what we take for granted.
Personally, practicing intentionally kindness has helped me to be more compassionate with others, with animals and with the planet.

I want to encourage you to practice these 3 simple things:

  • Do one random act of kindness each day.
  • Compliment yourself, your love comes from the inside and is shared to others. The only way that you can truly spread love to others is by loving yourself first.
  • Say thank you! Gratitude can remind you how fortunate you have been to have received something that is worth saying thank you to in the first place.

5. Start offsetting your carbon emissions.

Carbon offsetting is a way to reduce the emissions that you can’t.
It means to capture emissions through various projects such as planting trees, supporting clean energy, and buying carbon credits to accelerate and support the transition to a greener future.
You can find some information on this post.  

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