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7 Day Meditation Challenge

It is almost inevitable to have ups and downs in this playground that is life.
It takes patience, practice and discipline to see the good in every situation.

Perhaps, it is in moments of pressure, stress, noise, multitasking, overachieving, we reach such point where we so feel overwhelmed and unclear about the present and the future that we think there is nothing we can do to find balance again.

But here is the thing, we DO have the power to change our current circumstance.
We just need to shift our focus.

In times of uncertainty, worry and stress, my biggest Armor to find peace and embrace the moment is through meditation.
Yogis and doctors agree that meditating (even just a couple of minutes) relaxes the brain, reduces anxiety, and decreases depression.

Meditation helps us tune in and turn inward to our true essence and it also helps us detach from our own egos to connect with others in more meaningful ways.

I believe that having some daily moments to take care of ourselves, will be reflected on the way we interact with others and with the planet.
Inspired by Alice Allum from The BE Platform, I decided to do my own meditation challenge to bring some peace and connection in my life.

Here are 3 tips to start:

  1. Stick with a particular hour to meditate.
  2. Set up your space.
  3. Show up no matter what!

Day 1

Meditation is not about PERFECTION, it’s about CONNECTION.
Connect with WHY you want to do this 7-day challenge.
For me, it’s about handling hardships and raising my vibration so I can become a magnet for all I desire.

This day is to elevate my vibration, thus, I have done the morning meditation from the Theta healing technique.

Day 2

I chose Alice’s meditation with the mantra “ong namo guru dev namo”
That means I bow to the divine wisdom within myself.
It gives an opportunity to connect to our higher selves and simply be.

Day 3

Tony Robbins priming/meditation.
Robbins created this 10-minute exercise called “priming,” based on techniques found in yoga and Buddhist mindfulness meditation.

Here is what is the mediation about:

    1. Breathing exercise (around 1 minute).
    2. Express gratitude (3 minutes)
      Spend a minute each on three things you are grateful for, reliving them as moments.
    3. Experience connection (3 minutes)
    4. Visualize success (3 minutes)
      Then spend a minute each imagining what it would feel like to accomplish three of his goals. Focus on how these accomplishments not only benefit you but allow him to help others.

Day 4

My biggest challenge this week so far has been to shut up my mind.
There are so many things going on that’s very hard to avoid the external factors affecting my inner peace.

I know that a big part of feeling overwhelmed is just the story that is repeating in my mind over and over again.
The best way that I have found to calm down and to relax my mind is focusing on my breathing.
For that, I use a technique from The Art of Living called Pranayama count which I learned on their Happiness Program that is thought in several places in the world.

Pranayama is a word in Sanskrit that can be translated as “breath control”
Breath is essential to life. What we may not realize is that the mind, body, and breath are intimately connected and can influence each other.
Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts, and our thoughts and physiology can be influenced by our breath.
Learning to breathe consciously and with awareness is the fourth limb of yoga, and it can be a valuable tool in helping to restore balance in the mind and body.
Researchers have documented the benefits of a regular practice of simple, deep breathing (1,2,6), which include:

Reduced anxiety and depression
Lower/stabilized blood pressure
Increased energy levels
Muscle relaxation
Decreased feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Day 5

I must admit that focusing on my meditation practice has been of great help to be positive and to find reasons to smile.
For Day 5, I wanted to focus on sending love to the people around me and the “loving-kindness meditation” by Emma Seppala was perfect for that.

Loving-kindness, has no conditions; it does not depend on whether one “deserves” it or not; it is not restricted to friends and family; it extends out from personal categories to include all living beings.
There are no expectations of anything in return. This is the ideal, pure love, which everyone has in potential.
We begin with loving ourselves, for unless we have a measure of this unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, it is difficult to extend it to others.
Then we include others who are special to us, and, ultimately, all living things.

Day 6

Today I did the Meditation on Twin Hearts which harmonizes the earth by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy, and goodwill.⠀

There are no words to describe the peace and the joy I feel after this meditation. It’s simply beautiful.

Day 7

Truth to be told, it has been a very emotional week for me, a lot of ups and downs. And yes, I know that we need to embrace the good and bad things of life, but it’s not always easy.
I found in meditation a mean to calm down and reconnect to my truth.

For day 7, I practiced a Manifestation technique from Theta healing.

Every statement thought, and action is reflected by what we are manifesting in our lives. Every decision we make is influenced by the mirror reflection of what we choose to create. What we think has a direct bearing on whether our manifestations are for our benefit or detriment. Thoughts are real things. Just talking about things will sometimes manifest them in your life.

Whatever works for you to make you more present, to bring you peace and to connect with your higher purpose do that.
In my case are meditation and silence.
It doesn’t mean that you need to do the same, you should find what works best for you. That’s what matters.

If we are in peace and connected with ourselves, we can give even more to others and to the planet.

One of the biggest insights that I had during my practice, it’s that I need to SIMPLIFY my life.
I have too many things on my shoulders now and I’m not finding the joy and contentment I want.
So, my lesson for this week is to focus on fewer things, to simplify and being fully present.

I’ll for sure take my meditation far beyond from this week.

Hope you feel inspired to do your own meditation challenge.

Sending you love,

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