I’m Valentina Hoyos, the blogger behind Planet Positive.

Colombian living in Sweden. Daydreamer. Traveler. Feminist. Conscious consumer. Yogi Wannabe. Aspiring Triathlete.

I started Planet Positive as a response to all the negative media that was filling my everyday life.
When focusing on the negative, I was getting more of that in my life, until a reach the point where I said “NO MORE”, no more to toxic media, no more to toxic people, no more to harm the environment.

After taking that decision, my focus shifted to improve our health and wellness which intrinsically is connected to the health of the planet.
Planet positive was born as a pledge to focus on the positive, to focus on the best for ourselves and for our home (Planet Earth).

This blog is a journal of small steps we can all take to lead a more sustainable and compassionate living.
I hope you follow along my journey to become climate positive. Hopefully, it inspires and motivates you to do the same.

With love,

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