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Christmas around the table

All throughout history, women and men have been gathering around tables to celebrate, reflect, feast, and remember.

The reason why these moments count, has little to do with table settings, decorations, space and food.
But it has everything to do with love, friendship and fellowship. It has to do with feeling welcomed, exactly as you are, right here, your presence isn’t merely filling up space, it’s a gift.

We gather to celebrate the present. The best memories are made around the table. Laughter splits our sides and tears wet our cheeks. Such moments reminds us to make the most of our time, soaking up the life that lies within our simplest moments.

The table calls us to slow down our lives, to briefly set aside our schedules, settle into a seat, pass the salad, and rest. We acknowledge our humanness, hunger, and need for refreshment. We serve others, and then we let them serve us. Together we receive the physical and spiritual nourishment we need to continue our tasks and resume our daily work.

As we share our daily joys and griefs, we often gain a new perspective. Suddenly our problem isn’t so big. The table creates dialogue, gives us new ideas, and sends us back into life’s situations with greater wisdom and perspective.

How can you enjoy these moments while caring for the planet?

Even if you are hosting or attending a party, gathering, or event, there are a lot of ways you can be sustainable this holiday season.

Forget traditional party decorations and take a tip from nature’s way of decorating the planet. Fresh cut flowers are always a welcome centerpiece. Fruits and veggies or unscented candles make nice decorations, too.

To make your dinner sustainable, keep the focus on seasonal, local and organic food as much as possible.
The people at the farmers’ market are always eager to tell you about their goods and they’ll be happy to provide answers. Were those veggies grown organically? Were pesticides used?, etc.

Before showcasing your culinary talents, make sure that no food is wasted.
Food waste is a big problem. A common misconception about food going to the landfill is that it will just ‘compost away’. But it doesn’t. Food sitting in a landfill is not exposed to the chemical reaction that occurs in a compost bin, and therefore, food in a landfill just rots and produces a lot of greenhouse gasses.

What can you do to reduce food waste?

  • Plan your meals so you don’t overbuy, and stick to your grocery list when at the store or at the farmers market.
  • Remember proper portion sizes: this is yet another way you can encourage sustainable ways of thinking about food.
  • Use the leftover food in other dishes.
  • Freeze the food for later.
  • Give the leftovers away (use reusable containers)

Here are some additional tips for a sustainable gathering:

  • Use cloth napkins and tablecloths.
  • Use reusable dishes and utensils.
  • Give everyone a unique way to mark their beverage glass (wine tags, chalkboard paint, etc.) so they can locate it all night.

Remember that the longest journey begins with a single step.
And all what you do with passion speak for itself.

To a healthy, happy, and Positive holiday!

With lots of love.


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