My favorite Zero Waste Bloggers

Living a Zero Waste lifestyle seems mission impossible, it takes persistence, time and a lot of creativity to stop producing trash.
Being by your own could look like you have to put a lot of work and t can be frustrating sometimes
However, I have found support on other like-minded people who want to reduce their footprint too.
Finding bloggers and influencers with similar values and ideas have motivated me to keep going and to find practical tips to thrive in this journey.

Here is my top 5 Zero Waste Bloggers.

1. Going Zero Waste

Kathryn Kellogg is the writer behind Going Zero Waste.
After having some health issues, she realized that some changes were needed in her life, that’s when she made the transition towards a Zero Waste lifestyle. Her motto is “It’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices.”
Her blog and Instagram stories are the ones that I follow the most, she has a very powerful way to show step by step that the Zero Waste Lifestyle is simple and has a positive impact in our lives.

2. Eating with Max

Max is a Zero Waste Vegan Chef who creates delicious plant-based meals. He started Eating with Max to re-connect people with food and to raise awareness on how we can a more conscious lifestyle.
This vegan Chef has been featured in numerous publications; most recently NowThis, BuzzFeed and Mashable.
He is one of a kind. His openness and positive attitude keep inspiring me to eliminate food waste and to protect in different ways planet earth.

3. Trash is for Tossers

Lauren Singer started Trash is for Tossers when she was in College doing a major in Environmental studies.
This Zero Waste influencer and entrepreneur documents her journey while showing that it is quite simple, cost-effective, fun and entirely possible for everyone.
She has a fantastic website with a collection of How-to videos (where I learned most of the DIY stuff with them).
Additionally, she has been TED talk speaker and she is also the owner of  The Simply Co package free store.

4. Eco Goddess

Eco goddess is the creation of Marina Qutab, a Zero Waste Vegan Influencer in the eco-conscious lifestyle industry.
Marina seeks to empower us to make healthier, more compassionate lifestyle choices that are in alignment with mother earth. Furthermore, she is constantly posting videos of her organic farm and all her trips around the world in her Instagram stories and Youtube channel.

5. Waste Land rebel

Shia has a very particular and fun way to look at the easiest Zero Waste solutions and life hacks. She is also a vegan minimalist and almost plastic and palm oil free blogger.
As a result of her journey, she recognizes that there are no perfect solutions or the “right” way to do things, we all have different needs, situations and infrastructure to take care of. Thus, we need to focus on keeping things doable and not overwhelming ourselves. Again, there is no rush and this lifestyle is not a competition, it’s about enjoying the process.


Those are some of my favorite Zero Waste bloggers and their Instagram accounts (probably my favorite social media tool).
If you know more Zero Wasters, I would love to hear about them in the comments section.


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